Every year, Toronto hosts various festivals across the city.  The festivals keep Toronto’s residents as well as its guests cheerful, delighted, and entertained. 

Throughout the seasons, Toronto shines through its festivals.  The city itself can actually be thought of as a festival on its own because there are constantly events happening to keep people engaged and active.  These events celebrate Toronto’s multiculturalism.  

Summer is the peak season for Toronto festivals where Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto Pride Festival, Caribana Festival, Festival of Beer, and Woofstock Toronto (for those dog lovers), are the key events to follow.  

  • Canadian National Exhibition, on top of being Canada’s largest fair and attracting more than a million visitors annually, is also the greenest in North America.  

  • Toronto Pride Festival celebrates diversity between sexual and gender identities, and Toronto will actually be the host for the World Pride Parade in 2010.  

  • Toronto’s Festival of Beer exhibits brewers of Canada and their accomplishments.   

  • Caribana Festival is the largest Caribbean festival in North America and is over 35 years old.  

  • Woofstock Toronto celebrates dogs and is more or less like a dog beauty pageant with over 300,000 visitors per show.  

The very famous Toronto International Film Festival and The Word on the Street keep Toronto busy in the fall.  

  • Toronto International Film Festival, also known as TIFF, attracts worldwide attention and brings Hollywood celebrities to the city.  

  • The Word on the Street is Canada’s largest book and magazine festival and commemorates writing, reading, and literacy.  More than 200,000 visitors come out annually.

Toronto’s extremely cold winters warm up the hearts of Torontonians with Winterlicious and Icefest Festival.  

  • Winterlicious engages restaurants to participate in offering visitors scrumptious food at a lower price than usual that everyone can afford.  

  • Icefest Festival exhibits original, creative, and very artistic Canadian ice sculptures.  Sculptures include national creatures such as a moose, polar bear, geese, and beavers.  

  • Spring Fling brings crowds out of their home in the spring.  Mostly focused on the younger crowd, it is the largest indoor carnival that offers various rides, activity areas, and an inflatable sports zone.  

The Toronto festivals mentioned above are the most visited festivals in Toronto but are just a few of the many that occur in the city.  

Toronto festivals include:

  • Luminato Festival of the Arts and Creativity 
  • Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival 
  • Tase of Little Italy
  • The Worldwide Short Film Festival
  • Toronto Jazz & Blues Festival
  • Toronto International Brazilfest
  • The Pirate Festival
  • Pilaros Taste of the Danforth Festival
  • Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Gourmet Food & Wine Expo
  • Kensington Market Festival of Lights
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Many of the festivals mentioned above are situated in the core downtown of Toronto, while some are in specific neighbourhoods across the Greater Toronto Area.  All are easily accessible by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC); therefore anyone can come, no matter where in Toronto they are situated.  

Also many festivals such as events at Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity, Woofstock Toronto, Taste of Little Italy, Pilaros Taste of the Danforth are free, and many others reasonably priced thus giving everyone an opportunity to have fun, enjoy, and celebrate various festivals across the city.  

Let’s not forget about admission-based festivals such as Toronto Jewish Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival, where visitors can enjoy the celebrity-like atmosphere that surrounds them.  Admission based festival tickets can cost anywhere from $10 and up, depending on the festival and what it has to offer. 

There is no age limit for most festivals and events unless alcoholic beverages are involved. Festivals such as The Beer Festival of Toronto, that are focused specifically on such products, require identification with proof of legal drinking age – in Toronto that is 19 years old. 

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world, and that can be noticed especially through various festivals that the city hosts.  Tourists, as well as citizens, can get a taste of Toronto’s multiculturalism by attending events such as Taste of Little Italy, Caribana Festival, Pilaros Taste of the Danforth, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival, Toronto International Brazilfest, etc.   

For visitors, regardless of the time of the year chosen to visit Toronto, there are many festivals and events happening almost every weekend, and although sometimes it may not be a major city festival, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.