Living in Toronto is a great experience and helps build the solid communities surrounding the city even more. Toronto is unique in its multiculturalism, neighbourhoods, high living standards and dedication to maintaining a green country. 

Living in Toronto means you experience all four seasons — from the sunny skies of summer to the frigid cold of winter.

Toronto culture is what the city is most known for — “Diversity Our Strength” is its motto! Although there are immigration regulations to follow when immigrating to Toronto, it is worth the process. Join a city with a plethora of foods, music, and arts from countries all over the world.

Most often, Toronto’s neighbourhoods can be defined by a culture or area. We see the multicultural influences in Toronto neighbourhoods such as Greektown, Cabbage Town, Little India, Chinatown, and Little Italy. Visiting or living in these areas will show stores, restaurants, and related services specifically designed for that culture. 

But if you visit Toronto neighbourhoods such as the Beaches, Financial District, Harbourfront, and Queen West are more known for their jumble of cultures, shops, music, entertainment, and food. It all depends on what your preferences are for your living space. 

Toronto homes can be a variety of styles; houses, duplexes, condominiums, apartments, and basement apartments. This choice always depends on what kind of lifestyle you are living. 

Your Toronto home — and neighbourhood, for that matter – choices can be based on from whether you are living alone, as a couple, with a family, or student living.

Immigration in Toronto is huge, there are numerous services available for immigrating with a family or on your own. Usually immigrants feel most comfortable finding a home in a Toronto neighbourhood that is the same culture as themselves. 

With grocery stores, shops, and services that provide the same items from their home country, it is no surprise the transition to Canada is easier.

Families in Toronto want to purchase a home that best suits them. Is there a school for the younger kids, or a school for older students if the family is planning to settle for a while? Is there accessible public transit for either the parents or the kids, as well as a parking space? 

Are there appropriate stores and services in the area? Is the Toronto neighbourhood safer? All these questions should be on the forefront of your mind as a parent when finding a home for families in Toronto.

Seniors in Toronto have many neighbourhoods and services available to them. The senior community is stronger in some areas of Toronto then others, so it always good to ask around or use some of the services available to them — such as in-home care.

Students in Toronto also have to ask themselves some questions such as is the location close enough to school? Is there public transit available, as well as grocery stores and other services like libraries? Is the area noisy or quiet to allow for maximum studying? 

There are also a variety of student housing options available through the universities and colleges or independent  companies. 

Options for traveling around Toronto vary from car to streetcar to subway, Toronto prides itself on providing quality public transit.  You can learn more about the Toronto Transit Commission at www.ttc.ca.

Getting around in Toronto can be very easy, but you must be mindful of times such as rush hour. The morning rush hours usually run from 7:30am to 9:00am. 

For those travelling towards the city of Toronto (towards Yonge and Bloor) you will feel the congestion more. The evening rush hour begins typically around 3:30pm and can last up until 7:00pm depending on the day of the week, construction on roads, and local events or festivals. 

Toronto has promoted and improved its public transit system (TTC) as part of its green clean living. The city has done much to improve its emissions and offers services and information to the public so they can help too. 

But Toronto services don’t stop there! Toronto is all about building the community and it does this by providing many services in all branches of life. Child services, senior services, family services, student service, business owner services and financial services are just a taste of what Toronto has to offer.

There are also online communities for the public to connect within itself; find answers from people just like you. 

Living in Toronto has many positives – with clean and high living standards, a sense of community, food for all people, and plenty of entertainment, you can’t go wrong. 

Toronto prides itself on being one of the best cities in Canada to live in, but it can also be expensive. Take a look around and find your place in the Toronto.