Whether you are a descendant of a different culture or emigrating from a different country; living in Toronto has never been more welcoming. 

In Toronto there are many diverse regions to live – whether that place is the north, south, east, or west regions of Toronto.  You will find there are several languages that are spoken and is the reason Toronto has its reputation for cultural diversity.

Descendants from continents of the world come to Toronto to experience its cultural diversity including Asia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and South America. There are a lot of people migrating to Toronto that speak in their native language. Statistic Canada states in 2001 there are 4,647,960 people still speaking their native language. 

In between the years of 2001 to 2006 there have been yearly averages of 1,109,980 international immigrants coming to Toronto and the city has welcomed about 267,855 of them.  Toronto also gets an influx of about 10,738 foreign students coming from locations such as South Korea, India, China, and Japan who come to study in Toronto.

According to census Canada in 2001 the top five countries for immigration to Canada are China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. 

The population of Toronto as of 2001 is 1,162,635 and is comprised of about 52.4% immigrants. The existing minority of groups that occupy Toronto are South Asians, Chinese, African American, Filipino, and Latin American. 

The breakdown of Asian descendants are approximately 298,370 South Asians 65,240 Western Asians, 140,050 Southeastern Asians, and 329,260 Eastern Asians living in Toronto. 

There are also about 208,555 of African American descent living in Toronto along with multiple and other minorities living in Toronto, which total 56,295.  There is also the minority population that includes the Aboriginal people, which totals 1,313,930. 

The majority of the people living in Toronto create a dynamic and colorful personality to  the city.  With all the cultural differences that Toronto offers children now and in the future come together to live a life experiencing this cultural diversity the city has to offer. 

As all the statistics shows Toronto is a diverse place to live. Toronto makes a good place for tourists and visitors because of the diverse cultural aspects Toronto has to offer.