Religion in Toronto is a big topic, the city has become one of the most multicultural places in North America. But with different cultures, come many different religions. The city of Toronto has tried to create a space where all religious believes and practices can live in harmony.  

Places of Worship

There are many different places of worship in Toronto. A place of worship can be a temple, church, synagogue, mosque, and more. It is a sacred place where one can connect with their religious beliefs.

You can find several places of worship in almost all Toronto neighbourhoods. Although certain city regions have a larger number of religious communities then others. The main divisions of the city are West End, North End, East End, and Downtown Toronto

West End Toronto has many churches within its boundaries. Some examples of West End churches are Church of Scientology Mission of Riverdale, The Church of God In Toronto, Good Shepherd Refuge, West End Church of Christ, West End Church of God of Prophecy Worship Centre, and St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church. 

Other Toronto West End places of Worship include Buddhist temples and Islamic mosques.

North End Toronto has a fair number of synagogues, churches, mosques, and temples. Examples of North End places of worship are Holy Rosary Church, Midtown Alliance Church, and Chabad Midtown.

East End has many cultural Toronto neighbourhoods, and in all cultures, religion can be a factor in their daily lives. You can find many different East End places of worship, including the West United Church, St. John Parish Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, and Canada PO Chai Temple.

In the centre of Toronto, you can find all places of worship, such as synagogues, churches, mosques, and temples. 

Downtown Toronto places of worship include St. James Cathedral, St. Thomas Anglican Church, Church of the Redeemer, St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, and the Chinese Gospel Church.

Religious Diversity in Toronto

There are, respectively, eight main religions followed in Toronto. Based off Statistics Canada for the year 2001 (retrieved in May 2008), the top religion in Toronto was Christianity – Roman Catholics to be exact. 

The United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church cover about 7% each of Torontonians, with Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism following behind. 

Based off the same study in 2001, there are now about 17% residents of Toronto who have no religious connection. 

Religious Organizations

For each religion, there are different support groups and organizations. Within these groups, you can find comfort, companionship, and assistance.


Christian organizations in Toronto include the Christian Outreach Centre, Anglican Book Centre, Canadian Bible Society, Good Shepherd Refuge, Church in the City, and the Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries. 

Islamic organizations in Toronto include the Islamic Foundation, International Muslims Organization of Toronto, Muslim Canadian Congress, Toronto Islamic Centres, Toronto Muslims, and Islamic Society of Toronto. 

Jewish organizations in Toronto include Toronto Jewish Association of the Deaf, National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, Prosserman Jewish Community Centre, and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Canada. 

Buddhist organizations in Toronto includes the Canadian Chinese Buddhist Ming Yuet, Buddhism in Toronto, Toronto Insight Meditation Centre, Tharpa Publications Canada, Toronto Zen Centre, and Gaden Choling Mahayana Buddhist Meditation Centre. 

Catholic organizations in Toronto includes Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, Canadian Catholic Biblical Association, International Catholic Deaf Association, and Canadian Catholic Historical Association.

There are also support groups for those who have left their religion. If you have recently left your religion and would like to find support, you can find it in Toronto. Whether you were Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, or any other religion, there are specific help groups for you.

The different kinds of Toronto secular support groups include Alcohol Anonymous, rehab clinics, grief counselling, and youth programs. 

A major organization in Toronto is the Centre for Inquiry Ontario, they have countless connections and outreach programs. You can learn more at www.cficanada.ca/ontario.

Religion in Toronto is as diverse as the city itself. You can find everything you need through Totally Toronto. No matter your religion or beliefs, you have a place in this city.