Toronto Bed and Breakfasts are the perfect alternative to the hustle and bustle of commercial hotels and motels.  It can be cost efficient in some cases and adds a more intimate and personal feel to your experience.  You are often treated as a guest in the home, rather than a customer.

Many people are often unsure of the differences between a Toronto hotel and a bed and breakfast.  Hotels tend to be chains, yet this is very rare for a bed and breakfast and most are simply homes converted to accommodate guests.  Another main difference is a hotel usually has 50 or more rooms, where as a bed and breakfast typically have one to 5 rooms for guests.

Toronto bed and breakfasts are usually a private home that has been renovated for this style of accommodation.  Most of the time the owners of the bed and breakfast design the establishment to have themes.  These themes vary depending on where the bed and breakfast is located.  They can be historical themes, seasonal themes, modern themes or sometimes fun themes such as animals or ghosts.

The rooms are often given specific names such as ‘The Victoria Room’ or ‘The Fall Room’ and can vary from size and amenities.  If you are staying at a Toronto bed and breakfast in the winter, you may inquire for rooms that have fireplaces, where as a guesthouse with a patio or balcony would be ideal for spring and summer. 

Family Toronto bed and breakfasts are fun and affordable.  Although due to spacing and amenities, these are sometimes not suitable for kids.  Sleeping accommodations to look for when picking a Toronto bed and breakfast for your family are rooms with twin beds.  These can often be pushed together to create a queen sized bed, but will state they are in fact, two twin beds. 

Unfortunately, there are also some Toronto bed and breakfasts that are not accessible due to the layout of the dwelling for those requiring wheelchair access.  It is best to call ahead of time to make sure they are fully equipped for your needs. 

Other things to keep in mind are certain terminology used by most Toronto bed and breakfasts.   The term “public ensuite bathroom” means you will be sharing a bathroom with other guests.  “Private bathroom” means you have a private bathroom, but in some cases you will have to leave your room to get to it.  Whereas “private ensuite bathroom” means you have your own bathroom connected to your room.

Bed and breakfasts in Toronto are well known for their breakfasts.  It is often the only meal you are served, which is something to keep in mind if you have little ones with you.  This is another difference between Toronto hotels and bed and breakfasts.  You enjoy breakfast at a large dining table with the other guests, giving you a chance to meet and converse with your temporary neighbours.

Before reserving at a bed and breakfast in Toronto, you should check what restaurants or stores are in the area, as you may need to provide yourself with lunch and dinner.  Usually there are packages or deals with surrounding stores, restaurants, and other attractions you can find on each bed and breakfast website if you are researching online.

Toronto bed and breakfasts can cost considerably less then hotels, but can sometimes cost more depending on the location and amenities.  Winter is considered “off season” for most Toronto bed and breakfasts and you can expect rates to be lower at this time. The peak season and higher prices are found in the summer and vary transitioning into fall and spring. 

The average cost of a moderately priced Toronto B & B is $70 to $180 for the peak seasons.  The average cost for the off-peak season ranges from $60 to $140.  Some Toronto bed and breakfasts require you to stay for 2 nights in the off-season, while in the peak season you can often stay one night.  This depends mostly on the specific location of the bed and breakfast.

Some of the best bed and breakfasts can be found in Toronto and just outside of the city.  Popular locations include those in Niagara-on-the-Lake, as this is also part of Ontario’s wine country.  You can often get packages for 2 nights stay, and a wine tour for a great price. Northern Ontario also has a large number of bed and breakfasts.

Some of the best Toronto bed and breakfasts include Jarvis House, Sweetheart B&B, Suite Dreams Toronto B&B, Toronto Downtown Bed & Breakfast, Beach Accommodating -The Soul Bed and Breakfast, and JacoB22 B&B. 

Toronto bed and breakfasts are hugely popular and are a great alternative to those busy hotels.  It is advised to book quickly, as the rooms tend to sell fast even in the off peak seasons.