Toronto is made for visitors in many ways; colourful cultural neighbourhoods, delicious foods from every corner of the globe, and a large amount of all different kinds of accommodation.

Toronto’s east end accommodations are really popular since they are typically less expensive than downtown, yet still close enough to get to the central area.

Neighbourhoods where you can find accommodation options in the east end are:

* The Beaches
* East Danforth
* Little India (Gerrard St)
* Greektown
* Leslieville
* Main Square
* Riverdale
* Upper Beaches

Each Toronto neighbourhood has a different sub-culture as well as varying prices on all forms of accommodations.

Hotels in Toronto’s east end are a good option for a comfortable bed if you require accommodation for a few nights. Accommodation located in the east end vary from budget, moderate, boutique, and luxury. But Toronto east hotels seem to focus more on the moderate priced facilities (for the most part). Almost all the major hotel chains can be found in the east end throughout its neighbourhoods.

Bed and Breakfasts in the east of Toronto can be a little more pricey – although less expensive then a luxury hotel – than some other types of accommodation. The comfort and intimacy of this kind of accommodation is the major appeal for most travellers; it is generally in someone’s home with average 4-5 rooms. This option might not be the best if you have children, so be sure to call and inquire about their child amenities.

Motels in the east end of Toronto are for those who have a very small budget but want a safe, comfortable place to sleep. It has the most basic of amenities and usually does not include a breakfast. It is also convenient in that you are not required to pay a booking fee, and if there is a booking fee it is less expensive then a hotel.

Hostels are the very lowest in price, comfort, and amenities. But you get a bed, a public bathroom, and a quiet place to rest your head – all at a fraction of the price for a hotel room. Certain hostels located in the east of Toronto are more family friendly then others, so it is always smart to call ahead of time and check. If you don’t have kids, you should still call ahead; lest you want to be in a hostel filled with children.

Homes are on this list for Toronto East accommodations because of the increasing popularity in renting out homes for a short or long period of time. If you have an extended stay, with family or friends, a smart option might be renting a home. Toronto East has many great properties available for these kind of trips for a fair price. The closer to downtown, the more expensive – and convenient in some cases – it will become.

Condos in the east of Toronto are for short-term rent follow the same principles as homes; it is affordable, comfortable, and convenient. The other great thing about finding accommodation in  a Toronto East condo is the full access to phenomenal amenities. Amenities can include; pools, saunas, fitness rooms, party rooms, and meeting spaces.

Apartments in Toronto East can be used as accommodation, but it usually is less formal and varies in price. It is good to research this option a lot before hand, as well as get to know the person whose apartment you are renting.

Toronto has many colleges and universities, so student housing is hugely popular. Most schools have some form of housing or dorms available to its fulltime students. For those wishing to find a place outside of the school housing, Toronto East has many accommodations for that.

The kind of accommodation available for student housing are; houses with 5-10 students living within, apartments in the vicinity, rented condos, and dorms on the school property. You can contact groups or companies outside of your school to find the appropriate housing for you; these companies can find the best deals in the best locations.

Toronto east accommodation for travellers should be researched ahead of time. Find out what you wish to be near, if you require the public transit TTC, if you need any special amenities, what your budget is, how much room you need, if there is a washer and dryer available, and how far you are to food or entertainment.

Toronto East Accommodations differ from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.  Whether you need a place to stay for one night or one year, Totally Toronto can help you find the perfect place.