For those looking for furnished apartment rentals to stay in while visiting Toronto, there are a variety of choices available across the city.

Furnished apartment rentals are an increasingly popular option for travelers who are looking for accommodation that go beyond standard hotel fare. Chain hotels, property management companies, and even individual people all provide possibilities for renting a place to stay in Toronto. This choice can be particularly good for those planning a medium-to-long stay in Toronto.

Furnished apartment rentals in Toronto are generally a little cheaper than standard hotel rooms, depending on who you are renting them from. The majority of furnished apartments in the city fall in the $100 – $150 range, but as you reach the luxury end of the price scale those rates can range up to $300 and higher. Most rental companies offer pricing at weekly and monthly rate, for longer stays.

Furnished apartment rentals have the advantage of providing more space than a hotel room, which can be useful for families or large groups that are traveling together. In addition, apartments are equipped with a kitchen for those times you don’t feel like going out to eat. When renting this type of accommodation, one consideration that should be made is to be aware that some operators have requirements for a minimum length of stay.

Many of the Toronto’s chain hotels offer furnished apartment rentals to visitors, so that is one place to start your search. This choice has the advantage of having all the facilities that a hotel has with a furnished room. The downside is that it is usually more expensive than some of the other choices.

Many of Toronto’s major property rental companies also offer condo and apartment rentals. These offerings are found throughout the city, but generally closer to major attractions. The downtown Toronto area has a large number of options (in addition to the hotels there as well), especially in the vicinity of the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, where a forest of new condos has sprung up in recent years.

Minto Group has several locations, including locations near Yorkville, Yonge and Eglinton, and North York. Metro Luxury Suites offers apartments near the CN Tower, near High Park, and in North York as well. Toronto Suites offers bachelor, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments at their location at St. Clair Avenue and Yonge Street.

Canada Suites has locations near The Eaton Centre, The Financial District, and near Rogers Centre. Another company, DelSuites, has locations that include The Entertainment District and Queen Street West.

On the more luxurious side, there are several companies that offer rentals in Yorkville. Yorkville Suites, Minto, and Canada Suites all have offerings in that neighbourhood, as well as many smaller companies and individuals. However, your best bet for high end furnished apartment rentals are through the city’s more luxurious hotels. Hotels like The Fairmont Royal York and The Metropolitan Hotel Toronto are examples of hotels that rent out luxury apartment suites.

These are all useful choices when looking for a furnished apartment for a visit to Toronto, but it’s not necessary to book through one of these large companies. Individual people regularly advertise rentals on websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. Here you will often be able to find better deals, and more flexibility in terms of location. This can be an easy solution particularly when visiting parts of the Toronto that don’t have as many options for accommodation. Rates for rooms when renting from individuals can often be found in the $50-$100 range.

It is good to remember to be always wary when arranging accommodation over the Internet. While the vast majority of cases are safe and reputable, there are always cases where such locations are not as advertised or non-existent . When possible use reputable websites, and be sure to do your research when making a booking with an individual renter. An easy way to check your potential furnished apartment rental in Toronto is to use Google Street to ensure the building is as described.