Toronto Conference and Corporate Events have always been popular. The city has some of the best ideas, planners, venues, and entertainment for your company’s next event. Totally Toronto has everything you need to create a successful conference and corporate event.

Conference and event facilities in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes. They can belong to a cultural organization, a community, or a club. Depending on how large the space has to be and its location, the prices can range from budget, moderate, and expensive.

In Toronto, you can find a budget banquet halls, moderate hotel conference space, and an expensive convention centres — such as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Learn more about their venue at www.mtccc.com.

If you are looking for a high end facility, try a golf or country club space or a location in the North End of Toronto.

Conference and Event Planners in Toronto are trained and highly experienced. Their job is to know the ins and outs of pulling off a successful corporate event. You can feel at ease when creating the perfect event — everything is in order!

There are many different techniques used in different events. Some conference and corporate events are there to present new products, ideas, and theories, while other events are designed to strengthen a company as a unit. 

A popular event idea in Toronto is the Team Builder programs. You and your company travel to the outskirts of Toronto and explore the ideas behind trust, strength, and commitment.

Event Locations

The second thing you need to ask yourself is: where in Toronto best suits your conference or corporate event? Location is everything because each Toronto neighbourhood has a unique atmosphere or specializes in different kinds of cuisine, venue, and entertainment.

Locations for Toronto conferences and corporate events  can be divided into five major regions; West End, East End, North End, Downtown Toronto, and Greater Toronto Area

The way to figure out the best Toronto location for your event is to first look at how many guests will be attending — as well as how many will be arriving from out of town. 

Toronto West End is the closest region to the main international Toronto airport; Pearson International Airport. In fact, the area is known for its very large business hotels and conference spaces. But, they are about an hour outside of the main Toronto area, in the Town of  Mississauga. 

The West End conferences and corporate events can have many cultural elements to it, since the neighbourhoods have European and Indian influences. The lovely Little Poland, Little Italy, and Koreatown neighbourhoods are found in this region of the city. 


Another factor to consider for Toronto West End, is the budget. The closer you get into Downtown Toronto, the higher the prices go. 

The West End is great for offering a wide variety of venues, hotels, and spaces — your company can easily find a great moderate to high priced conference and corporate event facility. 

If you have a smaller budget, you might have to look for a venue in the East End. Toronto East End is on the opposite side of the city of the West End (naturally). If you travel east away from the heart of the city, you will find some great banquets, conference centre, and hotels for a very reasonable price. 

The culture in the East End has the same European atmosphere from neighbourhoods like Greektown. But also brings unique settings and scenery in neighbourhoods such as The Beaches and Riverdale

Toronto North End is known for its upscale facilities — with high end venues, come high end prices. The old neighbourhoods such as Young & Eglinton, Summerhill, and Forest Hill have some beautiful hotels, banquets, country clubs, and conference centres.

Downtown Toronto is filled with different styles of venues and budgets. The eclectic neighbourhoods found in this region of Toronto bring culture, art, and prestige to any conference and corporate events.

Event Entertainment and Food

If you are interested in entertainment for conferences and corporate events, Toronto has the best of the best. Music and performances are available to liven up any event. 

You can also look into guest speakers — the city is known to have connections!

Another important aspect of any conference and corporate event in Toronto is the food. If your event is lasting longer then half a day, you are required to feed your guests. 

The length of your event will have an impact on the kind of venue you will choose. Be sure you have catering or food available within the facilities — such as a restaurant or private kitchen.

Totally Toronto has the best for your next major conference and corporate event. Whether you require planners, venues, or entertainment — Toronto has it all. 

Search around Totally Toronto to find your next event location!