Conferences and Event Facilities in Toronto help to create some of the most memorable experiences for your company or organization. There is a facility available for all genres, budgets, and sizes. Let Toronto be your destination for the next major event. 

Budgets differ depending on the company, the location, the size, and the length of the event. Things to keep in mind when trying to keep budget for Toronto facilities are location and size. 

Types of Facilities

Toronto is known for having a fair share of budget to luxury conference and event facilities. Certain Toronto conference and event facilities have become increasingly popular over the years. 

Some of the well known facilities include; Metro Toronto Convention CentreRoyal Thomson Hall, the National Trade Centre, and the Toronto Congress Centre

Convention Centres have become important in Toronto’s event industry. You can find a great location that holds hundreds — if not thousands — of people. The top runners are; the Exhibition PlaceDirect Energy CentreAir Canada CentreCNIB Centre, and Mississauga Convention Centre

Hotel conference and event facilities usually have several different facility options depending on the size of your event. The other great thing about hotel venues, is the convenience of food and in some cases entertainment. 

Check out hotel venues in; the Holiday Inn on KingFairmount HotelSoHo Metropolitan Hotel TorontoFour Seasons Hotel Toronto, and the Intercontinental Toronto Centre.

Toronto historical facilities have become more main stream over the years. The scenery is old and beautiful, and the venues can vary from large to small. The cost of renting a historic space is generally higher, depending on the venue. 

Some fantastic Toronto historic site options for your next event are; Ontario Heritage CentreGeorge Brown House, the Old Mill Inn & SpaFort YorkThe CarluCasa Loma, and the Estates of Sunnybrook.

Privately owned clubs or facilities can bring in a prestige atmosphere to any event. Conference and event facilities of this kind tend to be higher on the cost scale, but the results are truly unique. 

Look into facilities such as; St Andrew’s Club & Conference CentreGreat Lakes Schooner & Ballrooms, and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Banquet Halls in Toronto are usually a great, low-cost alternative for your next company event. Look into the size and price of places such as; Grand Baccus Banquet & Conference Centre and Ellas Banquet Hall & Hospitality Centre.

Unique Venues for conference and event facilities are; Hockey Hall of FameToronto ZooCN TowerPanoramaMariposa Cruise LineKlancy Yacht Charters IncDave & Busters, the Docks Entertianment Complex, and the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre.

Facilities by Location

Conference and event facility location depends greatly on the amount of attendees, budget, and travel time. If you have a huge number of people flying in from a Toronto airport such as the Pearson International Airport, you might want to consider finding a facility in the West End. 

If they are arriving in an airport such as Toronto Island Airport, a Downtown Toronto venue is the best option. The less your guests have to travel, the better. 

The city of Toronto is divided into five regions; West EndEast EndNorth EndDowntown Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Each different region can bring a unique atmosphere to your event — so choose your facility wisely!

West End Toronto has transformed into an artsy, bohemian region. The facilities here can very in price from moderate to expensive — it also has diverse neighbourhoods rich in culture. 

East End Toronto has a unique attitude. Neighbourhoods such as Greektown bring the European flair into their conference facilities. Yet, travel into the Beaches and you will find a blue collar-upscale mix. 

North End Toronto is best known for its old, tree-lined neighbourhoods and upscale facilities. If you are looking to spend some money on your event, this is the place for it. Conference and event facilities here are the height of class and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Downtown Toronto has everything from lower-budget small venues to monster sized luxury facilities. Companies find this area the best for planning their events due to the proximity to food, entertainment, and office buildings. But that still comes at a hefty price.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is everything on the far outskirts of Toronto. The facilities found in this part of the city has more flexibility in prices, but may require more travelling time for your guests. 

There are also some great outdoor venues as well as farms and country clubs — it is worth researching.

Conferences and Event Facilities in Toronto can help make your company event the best it can be. Totally Toronto has links and connections to the best facilities — so take a look around!