Cinema and Movies have been a big part of Toronto since the early 1900’s. As the years have past, not only has Toronto seen the construction of aesthetically and acoustically pleasing theatres, there has also been a growing desire to produce films in Toronto.

The City of Toronto is affectionately known to film experts as “Hollywood North.” Over the last 20 years a number of blockbusters have been produced in Toronto and numerous stars have acted in those movies. 

People like Al Pacino, Colin Ferrell, Katie Holmes, Helen Hunt, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo are just a few of the celebrities that have worked on films in Toronto.

Watching a Show

Toronto and the area surrounding it, known as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has over 30 movie theatres and cinemas for your viewing pleasure. 

Both Cinemaclock.com and Tribute.ca list the theatres and movies playing in the city. Tribute also has trailers, movie trivia to test the avid film buffs and interviews with stars. You will quickly discover that it is easy to take advantage of Toronto Cinema and Movies.

Cineplex Entertainment is the largest movie chain in Toronto and the country with over 120 cinema locations.  When people think of going to movies in Toronto, one of the first names that pop into their mind is Cineplex. 

The Corporation has gone through many changes since it was established in 1979. They have merged and bought several other motion picture companies and today represent 8 top brands in the industry including; Galaxy, Famous Players, Silvercity, and Colossus. You can find Cineplex Entertainment on the web at www.cineplex.com.

The oldest Cinema in Toronto is the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles Avenue. It opened in 1912 and although it has been designated a heritage site by city officials, it is still open to the public for shows. What makes it even more unique is that today it is run by a non-profit film society.

Larger than Life Theatre

Toronto’s famous amusement park, Ontario Place, has a huge IMAX 3D Cinesphere and is considered one of the best movie experiences you can have. Along with Hollywood hits, the Cinesphere shows educational films.

The Ontario Science Centre is also located in Toronto and has an IMAX theatre as well. It allows visitors to explore films that focus on underwater adventure, weather phenomena and scientific discovery.

Those who are familiar with it call it a “hidden gem;” the Toronto Underground Theatre. Situated in a condominium building on Spadina Avenue, the Underground features B movies, Indie films and some of the best Hollywood pictures. 

The TIFF Bell Lightbox became a reality in 2010. It is a 5-storey centre at the corner of King Street and John Street. Designed around the hugely successful Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Lightbox is a great meeting place for film professionals. Check out all that TIFF has to offer at www.tiff.net/tiffbelllightbox.

The National Film Board of Canada is a way for film lovers to access groundbreaking productions. The NFB mediatheque offers digital viewing stations, educational programs, and special events all year long. For more information follow this link: http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/mediatheque/

Film Festivals

While Toronto is known around the world for TIFF, there are over a dozen other film festivals you can enjoy in the city. Some of these events celebrate specific subjects like the annual “Breast Film Festival” that chronicles stories surrounding breast cancer. There are film fests that celebrate the making of short movies, the environment, ethnic cultures and independent productions.

Drive-In Theatre

When it is summer in the city, there is nothing like heading to the drive-in for a night out. The Polson Pier Drive-In is on Cherry Street in Toronto and features the latest Hollywood flicks, much like Cineplex does. If you’d like to take a drive outside the city you will find similar theatre experiences in Barrie, Sharon and Oakville.

Toronto Movie Stars

Part of the Toronto Cinema and Movie experience is to see films that star some of the biggest celebrities who hail from this great city. Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers, Ryan Gosling and Martin Short, Dan Ackroyd and Jim Carey all came from the Toronto area.

Film Schools

There are a number of Toronto Film Schools that focus on movie magic. Some are part of college or university programs, while others are independent organizations or government funded. 

Perhaps the most well-known school is the Canadian Film Centre, established by award winning director, Norman Jewison. Toronto is also home to several acting schools that have led performers to successful theatre, television and film careers.

Cinema and Movies are a big part of the Toronto culture. The making of movies has pumped millions of dollars into the local economy, and showcasing the end product has brought enjoyment to countless movie viewers. 

There is no doubt that when it comes to Cinema and Movies, the city of Toronto is on the map.