The lucky winners of CHUM FM’s Breakfast in Barbados radio competition arrived in Barbados on Saturday 9th April, 2011. At Barbados’ airport they were greeted by sexy Banks Beer girls, photographers and chaperones; and many winners said at this point that they felt like the rockstars.

The festivities kicked off with a star studded cocktail party at the glamorous Barbados Hilton Hotel. Champagne flowed in an outdoor function area overlooking the beach. The warm, azure ocean gently washed over the soft white sand to the sounds of the excited Canadian radio competition winners. A red carpet eagerly awaited the arrival of two of the Breakfast in Barbados pop concert performers – Jennifer Hudson and Suzie McNeil.

The 35 winners had each brought one friend or partner to Barbados for a week’s holiday at The Hilton including free entry into the Breakfast in Barbados pop concert. They were all excited about meeting Maroon 5 and experiencing Barbados for the first time.

CHUM FM’s Roger, Darren and Marilyn mingled with the winners and many found them to be exactly as they had imagined from hearing them on the radio. One lady said that it was strange as she felt they were like old friends of hers whom she knew so much about. She had to keep having to reminding herself that they were only just getting to know her! Another winner was blown away by Marilyn and how sweet and lovely she was in real life.

Suzie McNeil was the first Breakfast in Barbados pop star to arrive. She strutted her stuff down the red carpet in an off-the-shoulder blue dress looking as sexy and sassy as ever. With her usual down-to-earth manner which makes her so special, McNeil gave us five minutes to tell us about her first impressions of Barbados. 

She has been to many different Caribbean islands to perform gigs but she feels that Barbados is the most civilized and advanced Caribbean island. True to her outgoing and energetic self, despite giving three interviews today, she also managed to go zip-lining through the tree-tops and explore the beautiful west coast of Barbados.  She loved the zip lining during which she swung through the trees in a harness hundreds of feet in the air. After she’s finished the show, she’s looking forward to exploring the island further with her boyfriend.

The winners were all delighted to be attending a cocktail party with the glamorous guests.  We caught up with some of the winners, including a couple from Toronto, Canada. The boyfriend said that his whole office entered the competition in order to try and win. His girlfriend who lives with him actually found out before him. On April 1st, she got the phone call from CHUM FM to say that he’d won the prize, so then she phoned him up to tell him. But as it was April 1st when she called to tell him he wasn’t sure if she was pulling an April Fools’ joke or whether it had really happened!

He said he’s only entered one other competition in his life and he actually won that one as well.  So now he’s thinking that he’ll start entering loads of competitions as he’s realised he’s quite lucky at this.

We also met up with four more of the winners, two of whom said they have been trying to win the CHUM FM competition for nine years. They both work together and by coincidence the year that they both won was the same year. They told us that Marilyn and the CHUM FM crew are exactly the same as how they sound on the radio and Marilyn is a complete sweetheart. They have also been asked to appear on Marilyn’s talk show when they get back to Canada.

Then on the morning that they came out here they all met up again at the airport and had breakfast together, which was a really good chance to all get to know each other better. All of the winners got on really well and when the plane landed in Barbados they all cheered in celebration together.

One of the guys brought his sister with him for her birthday and in fact there were also four other people who had been brought to Barbados as birthday presents. All of the birthday winners want to celebrate their birthdays together, so on the Wednesday they’re planning on going to the party area of St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados.

They are also planning on going to the restaurant Cariba in St. James, which they were advised to go to by one of their colleagues.

They are all really excited about being in Barbados and exploring the island. Not to mention getting to go to the concert on Sunday night. It’s going to be one exciting Barbados party week.