Wake up Canada! To CHUM FM airwaves and Barbados’ ocean waves…

Roger, Darren and Marilyn woke up Canada on Monday morning with their usual morning show, but with a difference. It was broadcast from The Hilton Hotel in Barbados where Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson, fresh from their performances at the Breakfast In Barbados 2011 concert the previous night, gave exclusive interviews to Roger, Darren and Marilyn.

Every year CHUM FM co-organise one of Barbados’ premier concerts, Breakfast in Barbados, and this year Maroon 5, Jennifer Hudson and Suzie McNeil wowed locals and tourists alike at this electric event.

Despite partying to the sounds of Maroon 5, Jennifer Hudson and Suzie McNeil on Sunday night, Roger, Darren and Marilyn were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5am on Monday morning, cracking jokes and banging out the tunes as if nothing had happened the night before. But of course it had – and it was out of this world. Around 2,000 screaming fans had partied in the grounds of Holder’s House, to the funky sounds of Maroon 5, Jennifer Hudson and Suzie McNeil.

The radio show took place outside on a beautiful cliff edge adorned with vintage cannons, overlooking a breath-taking beach. With this gorgeous backdrop behind them, Roger, Darren and Marilyn sat on a stage as the sunrise slowly lit up the white sand and gentle, azure waves below.

The 35 lucky CHUM FM competition winners, who won tickets to attend this electric concert and have a week’s luxury holiday at the Barbados Hilton, also woke up early and attended the live broadcast from the Hilton. They sat on chairs facing Darren, Roger and Marilyn and were given headsets so that they could hear what was going on.

Roger, Darren and Marilyn served up their usual warm, upbeat morning show to their millions of Canadian listeners, while The Hilton served up a delicious breakfast spread that was bound to eliminate even the worst hangover!

Marilyn was as sweet as ever; and in the commercial breaks between each live broadcast she addressed the individual winners with charm and genuine concern – checking they all felt okay after the previous night’s festivities. Roger and Darren were equally warm, cracking jokes with the winners whom they had now got to know so well during this amazing experience.

After some great chat from Roger, Darren and Marilyn the moment arrived and Adam Levine graced the broadcast stage to elated cheers from the excited winners.

Adam was wearing sunglasses and divulged that he’d had an amazing time playing at Breakfast In Barbados the previous night, but was very tired!

He was wearing a tight black t-shirt which revealed his tattoos. He spoke about his producer ‘Mutt Lange’, who has worked with the likes of AC/DC,Nickelback, Def Leppard, Outlaws, Foreigner, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Billy Ocean, Savoy Brown and The Corrs and is one of the most successful producers in the world.

Adam revealed that Mutt contacted them to ask if Maroon 5 would work with him. Adam described Mutt as being “a compassionate human being”. He said working with him is “effortless”, but said he pushes them harder than any producer they have ever worked with.

The CHUM FM DJs said it seems strange that a band as amazing as Maroon 5 still needs guidance, but Adam made the point that it is “dangerous” for anyone to think they have it “all worked out”, and that being able to receive criticism is so important.

Adam talked about his next big project – working on reality singing competition TV show, ‘The Voice’. Adam explained that the way this show chooses people is solely by their voice, rather than the way they look. He admitted that he doesn’t normally like TV, but this show is something he has found himself to be passionate about.

He said he has been blown away by the level of talent amongst the competitors and made the point that this isn’t a show where you laugh at how bad people are – you will actually get to see extremely talented people showcase their skills. Look out for it after the 26th April. Adam left to the sounds of screams from the winners in the audience and flashing cameras.

Next Jennifer Hudson arrived looking fresh as a daisy wearing a short grey dress with a bright yellow belt. Her long hair was worn slightly wavy with a fringe. She also wore one of the biggest, warmest smiles I had ever seen and looked absolutely gorgeous.

She was asked about her son, David, and she joked that she didn’t even realise he had walked on stage, and how he stole the show. He is under two years old – only 20 months, yet it seems he is set for stardom already! Jennifer joked that for his second birthday she should organise a concert just for him!

She also told us that one of the craziest questions she has ever been asked was when she went bowling. One of the bowling attendants asked if she was Jennifer Hudson and when she said “yes” they asked her to stick out her tongue to prove it!

Jennifer revealed that, although she doesn’t write her own songs, she picks songs that mean something to her. ‘I Remember Me’, for instance, reflects her life. She feels she has led five or more completely different chapters in her life and sometimes it can be hard to remember who she is. She also revealed that she hasn’t caught up mentally with her new appearance physically. She said she sees pictures and thinks “wow she’s pretty” – and then in shock realises – “oh no wait a second is that really me?!”

When she won her Academy Award for Dreamgirls she said she thought she must’ve imagined they said her name. She was looking around to see if people were looking at her and when she realised they were she was like – “no way, my gosh I guess I better get up there!”

Jennifer is set to play the part of Winnie Mandela in her next film “Winnie”. The filming is set to begin on May 31st in Cape Town, South Africa and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for 18 of his 27 years in prison.

Jennifer said she’s “extremely happy” to be a part of it. It is a deep role, but having seen Jennifer in the flesh I can now see that she is a deep, strong person who will be perfect for a role of this calibre.

Jennifer left the stage to screams and smiles from the winners in the audience. After the radio show had finished the winners went off to explore the beautiful island that is Barbados; some were planning to try the island safari, others wanted to swim with turtles and a few just wanted to relax by the pool, soak up the sun, and reflect on one of the most out of this world experiences they have ever had.