CHUM FM Breakfast in Barbados Photos 2011

Roger, Darren and Marylin rocked from ‘the rock’ that is Barbados on Tuesday morning.

Roger, Darren and Marilyn woke up Canada on Tuesday morning from ‘The Charles Fortress’ at The Hilton Hotel, a beautiful cliff edge with vintage cannons looking out to sea, with a live performance from Suzie McNeil. Surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, they chatted away over breakfast in front of an audience of lucky CHUM FM Breakfast In Barbados winners.

As Tuesday’s show took to the airs, you could sense a buzz of excitement in the air. Something exciting was about to happen – the lovely Suzie McNeil was coming to perform one of her songs.

In the build up, some of the winners came live on air to tell stories. One couple, Melissa and Tom, told of how they became friends with the Cruise family (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) when their daughters acted on The Kennedys show. Melissa and Tom’s six year old daughter became best friends with Suri, Katie’s daughter, while acting on the show. Since then the Cruise family have kept in touch and have even sent them Christmas cards!

Then the moment the crowd had been waiting for – Suzie McNeil arrived looking gorgeous in a black short dress and high, black wedges. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses and had her hair tied up in a loose bun. She talked about how amazing the villa is that she’s staying in, which is the same villa that Rhianna stays in. It has eight bedrooms and is decked out with Ralph Lauren furniture.

Suzie said she’s loving Barbados and that it is like being in “paradise”. She seemed very relaxed and natural as she cracked jokes with Roger, Darren and Marylyn.

Suzie sang ‘Drama Queen’ accompanied by band members Zubin, on guitar, and Steve, on keyboard. Suzie sat gracefully to perform, sounding sassy yet sweet, and looking cool yet adorable with the most amazing smile.

Suzie spoke about her up-and-coming cross country audition tour for Why TV and her new album that is coming out. When asked if she has written any songs while in Barbados she admitted she hasn’t had time, but joked that she started one while zip-lining which  “kind of went like this – ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

After the show Suzie stayed around to have photos taken with the winners and happily chatted to everyone; showing her wonderful down to earth nature that has won everyone over at Breakfast In Barbados 2011.