Toronto festivals can be lots of fun – in Toronto you will find a variety of fesitivals from family orientated, to festivals looking to legalize marijuana; Toronto has everything to offer a visitor looking to embrace the cultural side of the average Torontonian.

Maybe you’re travelling from Europe and want to find a festival similar to those celebrated at home? There are European style celebrations that would most likely be something a tourist would look for, something they know.

Where can you have the great experiences, while travelling abroad? Well look no further.  

With research we have compiled a list of Toronto Food Festivals along with the average number of attendees.

  • Toronto Festival of Beer: 30,000 attendees 
  • Taste of Danforth: 1.7 million attendees 
  • Freedom Festival: 30,000+ attendees 
  • Taste of little Italy: 200,000 attendees 
  • Taste of Lawrence: 125,00 attendees 
  • Summerlicious: 1 million attendees 
  • Toronto Wine and Cheese Show: 30,000 attendees 

Food Festivals in Toronto are exciting, happens throughout the year and helps promote both the culture of the Toronto lifestyle and those cultures from around the world.

The downtown area of Toronto creates the perfect location for festivals celebrating these diverse cultures, while the east end of Toronto is a more suburban area and doesn’t hold as many festivals as the downtown area. 

Downtown Toronto is renovating itself to welcome more tourists and become a city of rich cultural diversity. Toronto is a city full of residents that are more than happy to help with any questions for tourists in need of assistance. 

The weather in Toronto is very diverse with a wide range of temperatures spanning the seasons of the year. In the summer temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius with a high degree of humidity and a minimal amount of rain. In the winter however temperatures can fall well below the freezing mark. 

Spring can get relatively warm with a large amount of rain, but the season is very unstable and can often bring along a surprising snow storm.  Like spring, fall weather and temperatures can often be unstable from unseasonably warm one day to icy cold the next. Fall weather can reach extreme lows, but can also bring warm weather, along with great scenery for tourists looking to capture the “warmth” of Toronto. 

The best time to experience the Food Festivals of Toronto is in the summer when many exciting celebrations occur. A tourist can experience all of what Toronto has to offer, not just the food festivals, but the many rich cultural experiences.  

Toronto Food festivals mainly run during the summer are:

  • Taste of Danforth is held in August 
  • Taste of Little Italy is held mid June 
  • Toronto Drinks Show is held early July 
  • Taste of Lawrence is also held early July as well as Summerlicious 
  • The Festival of Beer is held early August 
  • The Weed March and The Toronto Wine and Cheese Show are both held during early and late spring 
  • Every May 1st the Weed March is held in Queens park 
  • Toronto Wine and Cheese Show is held in mid March 

Each one of these festivals takes place in different areas of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

The street Food Festivals include: 

  • The Taste of Danforth occurs on Danforth Avenue from Broadview to Jones Avenue. 

  • The Taste of Little Italy is held on College Street.

  • The Taste of Lawrence  is held on Lawrence between Pharmacy Road and Warden Avenue. 

  • The Weed March or Freedom Festival takes place in Queens Park. 

  • The Festival of Beer is held at Bandshell Park within the Exhibition Place. 

  • The Summerlicious Festival is all over the GTA. 

The last festivals are held indoors, which is the Toronto Wine and Cheese Show that is held within The International Center in Mississauga.

Most locals will tell you that summer is the season to visit Toronto, with it’s nice weather, awesome celebrations, but most importantly festivals.  The Taste of Danforth, Taste of Little Italy, and Taste of Lawrence can all be enjoyed in the summer months.

During the spring one can enjoy the Freedom Festival, which is attended by people from around the world wanting to legalize Marijuana. 

The most common factor you can find in each of the Food Festivals are diverse food. Most come to one of the festivals to taste other cultures foods and experience new flavours. 

Each festival usually pertains to a certain culture and tradition, while others over a diverse menu of snacks, drinks, and food. 

For all of the festivals there’s no set amount of attendees, but sometimes the crowds get large and become overwhelming for visitors. Allow plenty of time to enjoy the festival, it’s cultural diversities, and of course the wide variety of food found at these Toronto food festivals.