Summer in Toronto is never dull for several reasons. First because of the beautiful sunny weather and second because of the many festivals that happen in the summer season in Toronto. 

Toronto summer festivals range in genre but are all the same in entertainment and good times. Dates and times sometimes change each year, so it is best to verify these beforehand. Toronto summer festivals can last for a day, a weekend, or a couple of months depending on the type of festival it is. 

Toronto summer festivals are loosely divided into four different categories:

  1. Cultural festivals 
  2. Food festivals 
  3. Music and Art festivals 
  4. Neighbourhood festivals

Toronto Summer Culture Festivals are very colorful, offering visitors a little taste of everything from music, to food, to dance, and cultural traditions. Some of the Toronto summer culture festivals you can expect to see are: 

  • African Arts & Culture Festival
  • Havana Cultura Festival
  • Telus TaiwanFest Crossover
  • Ashkenaz Festival and the newest Toronto summer festival
  • Fortune Cooking Food Festival

Most of the Toronto summer culture festivals are held between July, August and September. The festivals that usually last longer than a weekend include the African Arts & Culture Festival, which is held at the Toronto Zoo every weekend until September. 

Toronto Summer Food Festivals are some of the most popular. They are usually street festivals or sometimes held in a large area with food tasting contests or free concerts. They can be celebrating cuisine from around the world, or a celebration of a single cultures food.

Some of the Toronto summer food festivals to look for are:

  • The World Cafe (held during the World Routes Summer Festival), 
  • Ribfest, 
  • Summerlicious, 
  • Sizzling Summer BBQ Series, 
  • Fresh Wednesdays, 
  • Tasty Thursdays, and 
  • Taste of Danforth. 

Festivals like Fresh Wednesdays and Tasty Thursdays are held every Wednesday and Thursday for the entire summer. Ribfest is held on different weekends, each one in different regions of Toronto.

Summerlicious is when all the major (and more expensive) restaurants offer a meal at a discounted rate. You will need to book a reservation well in advance for Summerlicious in Toronto. These are things to look into prior to your visit.

Toronto Summer Music and Art Festivals varies from jazz music to Inuit art. It is sometimes held by an art gallery or highlights a specific type of music. They are a fantastic source of entertainment for the whole family. The Toronto music and art festivals have also been known as a great ‘first date’ site. They are also relatively low cost.

Some of the Toronto summer music and art festivals that you should look out for are:

  • Arts at the Heart
  • Serenades in the Square
  • Barns Art Market
  • Jazzfest
  • Brott Music Festival
  • 2010 Dream in High Park
  • Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market
  • Toronto International Flamenco Festival
  • Free Summer Screenings at Yonge-Dundas Square
  • Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art
  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival and 
  • Buskerfest

Toronto summer music and art festivals such as Free Summer Screenings at Yonge-Dundas Square carry on through the entire summer. These are family friendly for the most part, although some art festivals are for adults. 

Toronto Neighbourhood Festivals take place and celebrate something about that specific neighbourhood. Some were listed about such as Taste of Danforth, Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market and Free Summer Screenings at Yonge-Dundas Square. In other cases it is funded by a specific region, or they have a space large enough to hold the festivities. 

Some other great Toronto neighbourhood festivals are:

  • Big on Bloor
  • Camp Drake
  • Sunday Serenades
  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • Queen West MusicFest at Trinity Bellwoods Park and 
  • Live Green Toronto Festival

Toronto neighbourhood festivals offer a guaranteed good time for families, couples, or singles. It can be enjoyable to walk down a closed off main street and watch the crowds of people enjoying themselves. The friendly faces, fun booths, great food and wonderful costumes (in some cases) complete your experience. 

The great thing about Toronto summer festivals is there are many without an admission fee. They are held by the city for the community, and they go all out. So take yourself, your spouse, or your family out this summer to Toronto.