Toronto patios are a hot commodity during the warmer seasons. Seats go fast and bills run high as Toronto soaks up the sun after the long winter.

How do you know where to go to ensure a great patio experience? This Toronto patio guide will go through the city by neighbourhood, dining, parties or more specific criteria to help you find the patio for you. 

There are many fantastic Toronto patios scattered throughout the city, so the best place to start would be by Toronto neighbourhoods. Toronto is divided into separate regions and neighbourhoods, each one offering something a little different to the public. 

By Neighbourhood

The best neighbourhoods in the West End of Toronto for patios are Liberty Village, Little Italy, Parkdale/Queen St West and King West. Some establishment names to look out for are; the Brazen Head in Liberty Village, Utopia in Little Italy, The Beaver in Parkdale and Bar Wellington in King West.

The Toronto neighbourhoods in the East End that have great patios are The Danforth, The Beaches and Leslieville. Keep an eye out for places such as; Asteria on The Danforth, Murphy’s Law in The Beaches and Joy Bistro in Leslieville. 

The North End of Toronto has some of the best patios. Toronto neighbourhoods in the North End that have popular patios are Midtown and Uptown. Patio names to look for when in these neighbourhoods are the Duke of Kent and The Granite Brewery

Downtown Toronto neighbourhoods are well known for patios. Being one of the busiest places in the Toronto, you are guaranteed to find the best patio for you. Neighbourhoods to hit up when looking for patios in Downtown Toronto are Church & Wellesley Village, Entertainment District, Downtown (Core), The Annex, Yorkville and Ossington Avenue

Other downtown venues you must visit are; O’Grady’s in Church & Wellesley Village, Elephant & Castle in the Entertainment District, The Victory Cafe in The Annex and the Golden Turtle on Ossington Avenue. 

By Price

While patios are great to sit on under the sun, you can’t forget two vital things to consider; how expensive is it and how good is the food?  Like any form of restaurant, Toronto patios can be broken down by price range. So for an expensive patio meal, try a place like the Fifth Gem or Sidecar

If you want a full out fine dining experience on one of Toronto’s great patios, you have several options. Brassaii is one of those great options; the restaurant is located inside a heritage building. 

It offers the finest in fine dining, all from their fabulous patio. Another great choice is Bymark, which is located in the Financial District. 

For those who do not mind spending a little cash (more mid-ranged prices), an establishment like Torito in Kensington Market would fit the bill, literally! There are also a good number of budget friendly patios that offer a cheaper alternative such as Julie’s Cuban or The Rebel House in Rosedale.

For the Lunch Hour

The busiest time for a patio is lunch time or right after work (after 6 o’clock). So you can expect a rush and a race to get seats on the best Toronto patios. 

But what are the best patios for that lunch time meal/drink? Some of Toronto’s best lunch-rush patios are Vertical, Wheat Sheaf and Urban. This is barely scratching the surface though. 

Patio Party Spaces

If you are tired of running to get a table at Toronto’s great patio restaurants and bars, then perhaps you would benefit from renting out a patio! 

Toronto patios are great for summer parties and range in sizes to fit 50 people all the way up to 150. A couple patio names to look into are The Madison Ave Pub and the Cadillac Lounge.

If you don’t want to rent, then crash in on the regular parties happening at these Toronto patios. Many bars and pubs are open till 2am with great drinks and fun vibes. 

Toronto patios at bars that you have to put on your list are the Black Bull Tavern, Oasis and The Drake Hotel. The Black Bull Tavern offers great beer and pub food while the Drake Hotel is rocking the cocktails. 

For Dates

Another great use of patios is dates. Whether it’s your first date, fifth date or two year anniversary, you can truly create a romantic atmosphere under the stars. 

Places like Biagio and George really help pull the romantic settings together with gardens, fountains and secluded tables.  Or you can take your date to a patio with a spectacular view such as Polson Pier or the Joy Bistro

For those looking for a quiet place with friends or family, try Toronto patios like The Done Right Inn and Allen’s. Places like these have perfected the art of quiet and peaceful dining. 

And for those lone diners who enjoy eating in silence, you might want to look into Toronto patios such as Hemingway’s or the Ultra Supper Club. These kinds are great for people watching, some of them are even known to house a few celebrities every once in a while…

Toronto patios are like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want quiet, music, or fine dining you can be sure you will find a patio that can accommodate you.