Toronto is one of the southernmost city’s in Ontario and situated on the northwest border of Lake Ontario. Being the provincial capital, Toronto is home to over 2.5 million people, making it the fifth most populated city in North America.

Toronto is known for being a multicultural society. Almost half of the city’s inhabitants are immigrants. Although English is the primary language spoken in Canada (followed by French as secondary), a large number of languages can be heard throughout Toronto.

Toronto has been labelled as one of the safest cities in Canada because of its low crime rate and high living standards. Toronto’s main economic sectors are telecommunications, finance, media and tourism.

Toronto History

The history of the land goes way back to the Huron tribe. The origin of the name “Toronto” has always been the topic of discussion. The word “Taronto” used to refer to a channel of water that flowed through Lake Simcoe. The city’s name is also said to originate from a native village called Tarantou, but its location was closer to Quebec.

Later, Fort Toronto would become the first settlement for that area. John Graves Simcoe would go on to name it the capital of Upper Canada.

Toronto Neighbourhoods

Toronto is divided into unique regions and areas; North End, West End, East End, Downtown (Central), and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Each region has its own list of unique Toronto neighbourhoods.

Popular regions include the Toronto Islands and the Beaches, which carry their own unique cultures. Staying true to diversity, there are also places in Toronto dedicated to specific cultures. Little Italy is full of Italian shops, bars and restaurants.

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Toronto Festivals

City-wide festivals celebrate each season in Toronto. In the summer, look for the CNE, Caribana and Pride Week. Fall festivals include the International Film Festival and Word on the Street. Although it is often cold during the winter, that doesn’t stop Torontonians from celebrating Icefest, Winterlicious, and Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights. Toronto comes alive in spring with festivals like the Spring Fling.

If you are hoping for a dip in Toronto waters, the lakes in northern Ontario are clean and fit for swimming. The area known as “Cottage Country” to Torontonians has recently expanded over the past few years. Cottages are available for rent during most seasons and the industry is quite popular.

Toronto Restaurants and Food

The restaurant choices available to someone in Toronto are extensive. Depending on what you are craving, you can have authentic Chinese, Indian, or Sushi cuisine all within a few blocks of each other.

There is also a wide range of entertainment dining such as Medieval Times. Another great example is The Sultan’s Tent, where you are served authentic Moroccan cuisine while experiencing t professional belly dancers.

You can also dine at home and make your own great cuisine after shopping at the St Lawrence Market. This is one of the best farmer’s markets in Toronto and carries the freshest produce Ontario has to offer.

Toronto Hotels and Accommodation

If you are looking for accommodation in Toronto, there are a wide range of lodging available to fit your budget and criteria. From luxury to budget hotels, you can find great deals and friendly resting spots throughout the city. Some of the more expensive hotels can be found in the heart of Downtown Toronto, such as The Fairmount, which is Toronto’s oldest hotel.

Toronto Entertainment and Nightlife

No matter what the temperature is in Toronto, its entertainment and nightlife is always strong. Like the other diverse sections of the city, the diverse night scene can be found throughout the city. For the majority of nightclubs (including all ages), head down to Richmond Street.

Another great area for the younger crowd is University Street and Spadina. For older crowds, the clubbing areas you want to visit include the King Street and John Street bars and pubs, which are highly popular in Toronto.

Toronto Bars and Pubs

Some of the best known bars and pubs can be found along Front Street, Queen Street or College Street. In the summer, these establishments open their outdoor patios and can be found on many corners. The Docks are a popular hangout in the summer, as well as the Harbourfront area.

No matter what season or occasion, the city of Toronto has almost everything a person could be looking for. The atmosphere of the city is both vibrant and colourful, and the people of Toronto are welcoming and respectful. Take a look around Totally Toronto and see what surprises await you, whether visiting or living in this multicultural city.

Toronto Architecture

The general style of Toronto’s architecture is hard to pinpoint. You will often see a building built in the 1800’s standing next to a modern skyscraper. Many of Toronto’s older buildings have been renovated and restored to preserve them. Most recently being the Royal Ontario Museum.

The best place to see this unique clash of periods and styles is Front St. Walking past Union Station with its large pillars and beautiful stain-glass work is breathtaking. Another area that is known for its architecture is the Distillery District. Being a historic site, it is one of the best preserved Victorian Industrial area in all of North American. It houses open art galleries, restaurants, and theatres.

Toronto Weather

Toronto enjoys a full display of seasons. Summer arrives around the end of May and brings humid weather ranging between 20C (68F) to 35C (95F). Mid-September brings a blaze of fall colours and the temperature starts to get cooler.

Wintertime in Toronto carries days of snow and frost, usually bringing a white December or a very cold one. Temperatures can get as low as -13C (8.6F). Being a relatively short season, spring in Toronto offers mild temperatures with light showers turning the city green as plants and trees spring to life.

Toronto Geography

Stretching north 13 miles and across 27 miles, Toronto is a relatively flat piece of land. Heading into the North York, altitudes can reach as high as 210m above-sea-level. When comparing that to the 75m above-sea-level along the shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is literally located on a large downhill slope.

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