Dating in Toronto has never been easier! Whether you are looking for friendship or a closer relationship, Toronto is a great place to meet new people. No matter what your age, you will meet singles that have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

One of the best parts about the dating scene in Toronto is the various ways you can connect with men and women. There are specific bars and restaurants that are frequented by singles. There are also several clubs or associations that are designed for those who aren’t in a personal relationship; there are discreet dating services and on-line dating sites. 

The Meeting Place

Toronto is well known for its wide variety of high quality restaurants and bars. The service, menus and atmosphere make Toronto restaurants a hot spot for visitors from all walks of life; however, there are certain places that attracted a lot of singles.

There are many establishments to choose from if you want to meet a single man or woman. Here are a few of the most popular bars:

* Victory Café

* Brazen Head Club

* The Liberty

* Dakota Tavern

* The Drake Hotel

* Ceili Cottage

These bars cater to singles of all ages and have interesting cuisine and drinks that often act as conversation pieces. Like the bars, the following restaurants offer an atmosphere that is comfortable for meeting new people.

* Rodney’s Oyster Bar

* Blowfish

* Ki

* Kultura Social Dining

* Sassafrazz

* C Lounge

Singles Clubs

Like most major cities, there is a long list of Toronto Singles Clubs to consider when you are searching for a partner. The Canadian Singles Clubs is a network that covers most of the country including Toronto. You can learn more about it at www.canadiansinglesclub.com.

It is a popular club for people who like to try all sorts of events and activities while meeting new people at the same time. A stroll in the park is good if you are a nature lover. The club plans a lot of outdoor excursion that you can enjoy with new people. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast there is a singles club that will help you meet like minded people. It’s called Equal Chemistry. You can get more information on this company at www.equalchemistry.com.

Action Awaits is geared specifically towards those looking for action and adventure; ski diving, martial arts and sailing are just a few examples. Action Awaits is open to singles and non-singles, learn more at www.actionawaits.com.

Another popular option is the Toronto Dinner Club. This organization arranges special dinners for groups of four men and four women. The rest is up to you. There are many more clubs to choose from. A quick search on-line we lead you to them.

Toronto On-line Dating

In recent years, on-line dating has become a huge industry. More and more people have been able to meet on-line and maintain long lasting relationships. In Toronto there are well over 20 on-line dating services.  

Below is a list of some well established sites in the city.

* Match.com

* eHarmony

* Plentyoffish.com

* SingleinTO.com

* Lavalife.com

* 50plus-club.ca

If you are looking for love and good times, www.50plus-club.ca is a good service to turn to. Users have indicated that it is less intimidating than some of the other sites they have used. 

It allows singles over 50 to have on-line chats with new people, take part in forums, and meet a partner. This site doesn’t just cater to singles; it also allows people to meet build friendships. 

If you are a busy executive or your days are packed with activities and to-do lists, then Just Lunch might be the best option for you. It allows those with hectic schedules to meet for a quick lunch to get acquainted. If all goes well, you can consider a longer meeting for dinner. Check them out at www.itsjustlunchtoronto.com

The city of Toronto also has a group for professional singles. The Singles Professional Network organizes dances and other social events. 

The Toronto Social Group is another avenue to meet singles. No matter what your interests are, this group has you covered. They attend camping trips, dinner outings, theatre and musical productions, and weekend getaways. 

This is not strictly for singles though. If you aren’t interested in a relationship, you’ll be interested in knowing that a lot of the members join just to have some fun and develop new friendships.

If you’d like to be part of a smaller singles organizations, there are several communities on the outskirts of Toronto that offer great options for meeting new people. 

Durham region, located just to the east of the city has a number of singles agencies including Zoom Singles and Nifty 50. To the west of the city, Mississauga has a dating site called www.loveawake.com.

Speed Dating

Speed dating in Toronto is a way to encourage people to meet in large numbers and determine if they are compatible with anyone. The concept was developed in the late 90’s and has taken off all across the North America. 

Speed dating is known to save singles a lot of time. Toronto’s www.25Dates.com is a speed dating service. Also check out www.Fastlife.ca and www.singleinthecity.ca are other possibilities. 

Same Sex Dating

If you are looking for a same-sex relationship in Toronto, there are several options designed to help you. Look up www.Gaycupid.com, www.gaysinglescanada.com and www.preferredpartners.ca are just a few on-line dating sites specifically designed to help gay individuals meet. 

If you want to check out some clubs, restaurants and other venues that serve the gay population, you can visit www.toronto.gaycities.com. 

With so much to do and so many ways to meet people, there is no reason to be alone in the city of Toronto.