In most major cities around the world, foreclosure happen everyday. Toronto is no exception. Due to its large geographical area and an abundance of properties, there are always a lot of Toronto foreclosures that home buyers can consider. 

If you are looking to purchase a home, but are on a tight budget, Toronto bank owned homes are a good option. They come with many benefits that other homes do not have.


Some of the benefits to looking at foreclosure properties are; 

  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower down-payment
  • Motivated Sellers
  • Get more for less (extras like: appliances, garb-orator, BBQ)
  • Bigger property

Some of Toronto’s Power of Sale properties have sat empty for a long period of time. That means that the house and lawn can get run down. In these cases you can get an even better deal. 

If you are interested in doing renovations and repairs or know someone who can do the work for you, it is an excellent opportunity to get into a house. 

When you contact a real estate agent just make sure you tell him or her that you want a Toronto fixer upper. The agent will likely have a long list of properties to explore.

When you have decided where you’d like to buy, contact the Toronto Real Estate Association so they can assist you in finding an agent that covers that particular section of the city. For more information, go here, www.torontorealestateboard.com.

Finding Properties

There are a few different ways to find Toronto foreclosures. The obvious avenue is through a real estate agent. They keep close tabs on properties that have been foreclosed on. 

Some agents even have a relationship with lenders who will let them know when a power of sale is pending. 

Toronto newspapers and magazines often advertise foreclosures in the classifieds section. The major dailies as well as the entertainment magazine “Now” are examples of publications that will advertise Toronto foreclosures. 

When you are first starting out on your search, you might want to do some browsing on the internet to get a feel for what is on the market. Sites like www.foreclosuresearch.ca list homes all across the province, including Toronto bank owned properties. 

The popular product and service site, Kijiji, also lists homes that are power of sale.

When you first decide to examine the Toronto foreclosure market, you will likely have a lot of questions. However there is help from sites like www.torontopowerofsale.net

In addition to information on specific homes, they offer tips on how to purchase a power of sale property. 

Estate Sales

During your search for the perfect home, you may also want to consider Toronto estate sales. In some cases the home owner has recently passed away and a family member or lawyer is given the responsibility of selling the property. 

Often times this person is anxious to sell. In real estate terms, this would be called a “motivated seller.” Estate sales can often include the contents of the house so if you require appliances and furniture this is a good opportunity.


There are real estate agents in the city of Toronto that specialize in foreclosures. They tend to know all the available properties, including homes that you should avoid looking at. 

You will need a lawyer to help you seal the deal and there are some that specialize in foreclosures as well. No matter where you end up buying in Toronto, you will want to keep the environment in mind. 

You’ll want to choose a home that can easily be adapted to make it greener. When you do your research it would also be wise to find out what neighbourhoods are up and coming. 

It’s one thing to get a good deal on a foreclosure property, but what happens when you want to sell it? Will you be able to make a profit?

With careful planning, a Toronto distress sale can save you money and eventually turn into a profitable venture for you. In fact, some people buy fixer uppers only to turn around and sell them at a higher price. 

Real estate professionals in the city advise that you select a house that needs cosmetic improvements, as opposed to expensive changes like wiring and foundation upgrades. This will allow you to sell and make money from it.

When you are in the mood to buy a home and you want to get the best possible deal in Toronto, foreclosure or distress properties can allow you to either attain your dream home or an investment opportunity. But keep in mind that you may have to look at several properties before you find just the right fit. 

In the end, real estate experts say you won’t be disappointed with your Toronto property. Feel free to browse through more information on Toronto foreclosures