Toronto is Canada’s largest city with close to 3-million residents. About 5-million live in the Greater Toronto Area, often referred to as the GTA. Toronto is considered one of the most culturally diverse areas of the world. Almost half the population here is immigrants. 

New residents will tell you that it is easy to feel comfortable living here. People choose Toronto not only due to its diversity, but because of its great work opportunities, well-established transit system, fun leisure activities, sports venues and beautiful houses.

Living in Toronto has become a very desirable. By the year 2025 the city’s population is expected to be somewhere around 7-million. 

If you are thinking about moving to Toronto, there are a few different areas you will want to consider depending on your taste and budget.


Living in Downtown Toronto can be exhilarating and rather convenient, especially if you work in the city. Think of the downtown area as being from Bloor in the north to Lake Ontario in the south, Bathurst Street to the west and Don River in the east. High powered jobs and a thriving culture is what draws most people to housing downtown. 

In downtown Toronto you will find steel and glass condos, brick row houses and even Victorian style houses, such as those located in Cabbagetown

Since this is a desirable setting it doesn’t come cheap. At the time this article was published, condos downtown started in the $400,000 range. Victorian houses begin around $500,000.

Literally minutes from downtown you will come across Moore Park. In this area there is a lot of parkland and larger lots. 

This community was originally developed for the upper class who wanted to be shielded from the rest of the city by two large ravines; one to the east and one to the west. Columns and decorative stone are popular in the larger, yet tasteful homes here. 

Some of the wealthiest people in Canada live in the Rosedale area of Toronto. Its borders run from the C.P. tracks to the north, Bloor Street to the south, Yonge Street to the west and Bayview Avenue to the east. 

Rosedale was one of the first suburbs of Toronto. Homes in this area of the city range from Victorian to modern plaster, brick and glass. If you want to live here, remember this…the houses are well in excess of one-million dollars.

The Annex is an older, yet very desirable community. Its borders are basically Dupont Street to the north, Bloor Street to the south, Bathurst to the west and Avenue Road to the east. 

If you are in the creative arts field you will find this Toronto neighbourhood very appealing. It is home to many artists, writers and professors. 

The streets are lined with tall, luscious trees. The houses are both Victorian and Edwardian style. Brick and sandstone are plentiful here, but you will also find some modern condos in the Toronto Annex.

In recent years, North Toronto has become more and more populated. This used to be a separate city, but became part of the amalgamated city of Toronto in the late 90’s. 

Here you will find all types of housing; condominiums, apartments, studios, brick and stone houses, wood houses and luxury houses. 

Finding a Home

There are countless resources that you can turn to if you are interested in buying a home in the city of Toronto. You might want to browse the internet to get a feel for where you want to live and what style of house you prefer. 

Sites like www.homepoint2.com list Toronto area homes that are for sale by real estate agents and home builders. You can also check out www.citydreamhomes.com; considered one of the more user friendly sites for homes sales in Toronto. 

If you are a newcomer to the city you might want to contact the Toronto Real Estate Board. They can help you find an agent in the area you are interested in. The Board also has an extensive list of open houses; opportunities to view various homes in the city.

Toronto’s vibrant financial district means condominiums are in high demand. If you are interested in a condo and aren’t sure where to start you can try www.greatertorontocondo.com or www.torontocondosandlofts.ca.

Many people searching for a home in the city turn to www.MLS.ca. This is a multiple listing service of homes for sale throughout the country. Each listing includes information such as size of property, price, taxes, and may include a picture.

 If you are looking for a really good deal you can consider foreclosure or bank owned properties; however, they are rarely listed on MLS. Sites like www.torontopowerofsale.net explain how you can purchase a home in distress.

The Greater Toronto Home Builders Association can help you if you want to buy a new home. You can find the association at www.newhomes.org.

Housing Prices

Like any big city, the prices of Toronto homes are always fluctuating. Generally speaking though, homes in the city of Toronto can cost anywhere from $400,000 to over one-million. Location, square footage of the house and the size of the property will dictate the price of each home, apartment or condo. 


If you want to consider living in the Greater Toronto Area; just a short distance from downtown Toronto, you will likely be able to find houses starting in the area of $300,000.

No matter what section of Toronto you choose, you can be assured that you will meet friendly people, be exposed to various cultures and cuisine, as well as great entertainment and leisure experiences.