Buying new homes in Toronto can be an exciting venture. The city has so many beautiful neighbourhoods and home styles to choose from. House hunting in Toronto is an experience you will never forget.

When you purchase a new home in the city of Toronto you can save money in the long run. Toronto builders incorporate a lot of green in the construction process, making new homes more energy efficient. 

There are dozens of talented Toronto green builders. Another advantage to buying new, as opposed to old, is that maintenance costs come with owning an older home and seem practically non-existent with a new home. 

Last but not least, choosing new homes means that you can select from the latest designs in everything from flooring and cabinetry to lighting and faucets.


New home styles in Toronto are diverse. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something casual, timeless or eclectic, the city has plenty of properties for you to consider. 

The website www.newinhomes.com lists thousands of new homes and condominiums available for sale across Canada, including many of the latest developments in the city of Toronto. You can also check out www.newhomesdirectory.com/toronto. It features new homes and home builders in Toronto.

Many new housing developments in Toronto are characterized by outstanding features. Soaring ceilings, open floor plans and lot of natural light often attract new home buyers to the city. 

On the outskirts of Toronto the area known as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) offers something a little different. Land is more plentiful in the GTA so you will find that many new homes have long, winding driveways, large front and back property, and spacious rooms. Some Greater Toronto Area communities are only a short 20 to 30 minute drive away from the city.

Finding Help

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices so you might want to start out by talking to friends who have bought a new home. They might be able to lead you to a good real estate agent

New home contracts tend to be written to the advantage of the home builder so it is important that you get a real estate agent in Toronto to represent you. Finding someone who has a lot of experience with negotiating new home purchases is a good idea. 

If you or your contacts in Toronto don’t know of anyone, you can call the Toronto Real Estate Board for guidance.

When you conduct your search for a new Toronto home, real estate agents advise that you examine every aspect of the home carefully. Remember, no one else has ever owned the home so there is no recorded history of potential problems. 

Below are some tips that could help you as you are viewing each new home.

  1. Check the survey for any easements that the city may have established.
  2. Look at the insulation in the attic. Six inches of fiberglass is fine in moderate climates, but 12 inches is recommended in cold environments.
  3. Do you see any signs of details such as mouldings, hardware and tile work?
  4. Does the structure seem strong and are the walls square in the corners?
  5. Check for any evidence of water damage

There are many other aspects that you need to examine, but agents say the 5 points listed above are often overlooked, especially by first time home buyers.

New Condos

For some people buying a new home could in fact mean a new condo suite. Toronto’s new condo market is booming. More and more builders have been drawn to the city because of the entertainment, culture and spectacular views that come with living here. They know that their work will be in demand. 

The website mentioned above, www.newinhomes.com, also lists new condominiums with units for sale. If you are thinking of buying a new condo in Toronto you can also take a look at Condo Life Magazine. There is an online version or you can find hard copies at news stands throughout the city. 

Whether it is a new condo or house, keep an eye on Toronto’s major daily newspapers. They list new developments and offer insight into new construction techniques, home decorating and landscaping. The articles can help you figure out what you like and don’t like before you start viewing properties.


When you are looking for a new home in Toronto you can expect a wide price range. A number of factors are taken into consideration, including location, house size, property size and the style of the home you select. 

If your heart is set on a new home in the city you can expect prices to be anywhere from $350,000 up to 2-million. In the GTA prices will be lower.

Regardless of what new home you end up with, you will be a resident in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. You’ll have great access to the vibrant arts, culture, sports and entertainment communities that make up this dynamic city.