Real estate in Downtown Toronto is as diverse of the city’s residents. You can find a variety of homes, condos, and lofts within walking distance of Toronto landmarks. 

Toronto real estate is some of the most competitive in Canada; the city is filled with knowledgeable realtors who know Toronto better then anyone.  

Things to Consider

The first things to look at when considering real estate in downtown Toronto is the benefits from the many different Toronto neighbourhoods. Because you are in the central part of the city, you can find more diversity in smaller spaces. 

The list of Downtown Toronto neighbourhoods for you to research are; 

Alexandra Park, Annex, Baldwin Village, Cabbagetown, Chinatown, Church and Wellesley, Corktown, Discovery District, Distillery District, Entertainment District, Fashion District, Financial District, Garden District, Harbord Village, Harbourfront, Kensington Market, Moss Park, Queen Street West, Regent Park, St James Town, St Lawrence, Toronto Islands, Trefann Court, University of Toronto and Yorkville.

Each neighbourhood has something different to offer its residents. There are many different issues you have to look into before you make the final decision to live in the centre of this great city. They are;

  • Nearby shops
  • Nearby cuisine
  • Nearby schools
  • Parking
  • Public Transit (TTC)
  • Lifestyle 

Shopping in Toronto’s downtown neighbourhoods are some of the best in the city. There are shops for everybody: chain stores, department stores, high end fashion outlets, independent designer stores, and cultural stores. 

When visiting a possible home in Downtown Toronto, take a look around for other main stores that might be convenient on a daily basis. These stores include businesses like grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, and banks.  

Cuisine in downtown Toronto is also another thing to take into account – although it is easy in this region of Toronto because of its diversity. There are many different types of restaurants in Toronto as well as specialty food stores.


You also want to investigate proper schools in the Toronto neighbourhood. This is particularly important for those families with younger kids or university and college students. If you are further away from a school, be sure to check how the travel will be.


Downtown Toronto is well known for its lack of parking. You can often find what are called “Green P” parking, but that can get costly. Most condos charge for a parking space, so be sure to inquire about it.

For those who choose public transit, Toronto has a well established transit system. This is called the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and it offers subways, Rapid Transit trains, streetcars, and buses. You probably won’t have any trouble finding quick and easy transit routes in the centre of Toronto! 

Lastly, you want to consider your personal lifestyle. If you are considering buying a place in downtown Toronto, you want to make sure you have enough room or that you feel comfortable in your neighbourhood.


Selling your home in downtown Toronto can be difficult. It is best to find an established realtor who has experience with downtown Toronto real estate. 

You can also sell your home on your own now. There are many Toronto companies who provide all the supplies and information you need to sell your own home. 

Types of Properties

The kinds real estate in downtown Toronto you can expect to find is typical of other Toronto regions. You can find;

  • Homes 
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Lofts
  • Semi-detached homes

Due to space, Toronto has started to grow upwards more then anything. So you will probably come across many new condos and lofts in beautiful downtown Toronto. There is also many townhouses hidden within many of the famous Toronto skyscrapers.

You won’t find many detached homes in downtown Toronto because of the space restrictions. But when you do find a semi-detached homes, they are probably in the Victorian style. Attached townhouses are more popular in this region. 

Real estate in downtown Toronto is a booming industry. Even with prices higher here then in most other Toronto neighbourhoods, people strive to life in the centre of this busy city. 

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