Finding a Toronto fitness club can be a workout on its own, but since the city is known for its outstanding gyms, finding just the right fit should not put too much of a strain on you.

Toronto has some of the best gyms and fitness trainers in North America. Many professional athletes have spent a lot of time working out here.

Toronto fitness clubs come in all sizes and types so defining your particular needs are an important first step. Are you hoping to lose weight? Do you want to tone up or Bulk up? Do you enjoy sports?  Do you need to train for competition?  You should select a Toronto gym based on your answers.

Types of Clubs

All Toronto clubs are not alike; some focus on overall fitness, while others concentrate on weightlifting, sports, nutrition or cardio. You can review some of the differences outlined below.

Some Toronto sports clubs can offer you great tennis and squash courts, as well as high quality outdoor activity surfaces. If friendly competition appeals to you, a facility like this might be a good pick.

There are clubs in Toronto that are referred to as “Cardio Lounges“. They have a lot of fitness machines geared towards cardio and endurance. Aiyoku, on Mowat Avenue, is an example, as well as Cardio Go on King West. 

If weightlifting is a priority for you, Toronto has a number of well established gyms to accommodate you. The Ontario Weightlifting Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of lifting weights.

The Association’s website, www.ontarioweightlifting.ca has a list of registered Toronto weightlifting clubs that you can check out. 

Toronto boxing gyms are also an option. Visit www.boxinghelp.com/Canada. And check out the Toronto section.

Fitness boot camps in Toronto can be a lot of fun. It pushes participants to a level that they might not otherwise reach on their own. 

If your preference is to work out with people of the same gender then you don’t have to worry; there are a number of Single Sex Gyms in Toronto to choose from.

There are a few clubs in Toronto that are considered private, multi-purpose groups. They offer fitness, recreation and social experiences. The Boulevard Club situated on the shores of Lake Ontario is one example.

Choosing a Gym

Finding a gym in Toronto can sometimes be as simple as talking to friends or colleagues about their experiences. However, if you don’t know anyone who goes to a gym or you are new to the city, you might want to browse the web to get a sense of the variety. 

The site www.torontoservpro.ca is a business directory that includes a long list of all types of gyms in the city of Toronto. You can also visit www.yelp.ca to see what people are saying about various health clubs. 

When you are deciding on a Toronto fitness facility make sure you understand the fee structure. Sometimes there are additional charges for certain services. 

Also you might want to consider testing out the staff. If you discover they are knowledgeable and eager to help, you will get more out of your routines. 

If you are interested in a general fitness experience the following points will help you narrow down your choices:

* Will you have access to a personal trainer?

* Is a towel service included?

* Do they have fitness classes?

* Are there tailor made training programs?

* Is there nutritional counseling?

Most Toronto gyms offer a free pass and some will even allow you to use it for more than one day. This not only allows you to try out the equipment, but to see if you are comfortable with the staff and atmosphere.

Affiliate gyms may accept memberships from your home gym, but if not, many Toronto fitness clubs offer a day rate or short-term memberships. To find discount gym memberships you can go to www.groupon.com.


In the city of Toronto you can find personal fitness trainers that work out of local gyms or who will come to your home to guide you. 

Again, the best approach is to get a recommendation from someone you know well. You can also learn about specific trainers by going to www.myfit.ca and typing Toronto personal trainers into the search window.

As you can see, there are many resources to turn to in your quest to find the right gym. Toronto’s wide selection of fitness centers means you don’t have to settle for something that isn’t going to suit you. 

To further your fitness knowledge you can turn to Can-Fit-Pro; an organization that promotes health and fitness education. The website is www.canfitpro.com.

Fitness clubs in Toronto are not only popular, but are located all over the city. Find out more by browsing through Totally Toronto.