Personal trainers in Toronto are available seven days a week, and in some cases available 24 hours in the day. They act as your motivation, your conscious, and your guide to achieving the physical goals you desire. 

The amount of services available are endless for personal training; what ever your reasons are for losing the weight or staying in shape, a Toronto personal trainer will tailor the program to suit you as an individual. 

Types of Personal Training

There are six major sections that can be labelled for personal training in Toronto; 

  • In-home Personal Training in Toronto
  • Private Training Studios in Toronto
  • Small Group Personal Training in Toronto
  • Boot Camp Training in Toronto
  • Corporate Fitness 
  • Nutritional Planning & Assessment in Toronto

In-home personal training in Toronto is, for many people, the best way to reach your weight goals. You are in the comfort of your own home with a knowledgeable motivator. There are many instances where this form of personal training would be the best;

  • Pre-wedding fitness
  • Professional athletic coaching
  • On-site personal training (for films, movies, etc)
  • Children’s fitness programs
  • Self Defence
  • Prenatal and post pregnancy 

If your Toronto wedding is coming up, you want to make sure you feel and look your best. Personal trainers in Toronto can make sure you are doing the right exercises for the best results. 

Professional athletic coaching in Toronto is important for every kind of athlete. Children, teen, and adult athletes require different training for different sports. Toronto personal trainers know exactly what parts of your body need the most work. 

On-site personal training in Toronto is beneficial to those who are on-site for filming, training, or working. 

Children’s fitness programs in Toronto are a great way to introduce regular physical activity into your child’s life. Especially in today’s society where video games and other forms of entertainment keep kids inside more then ever before.

Self defence training in Toronto is a good skill to acquire. This is also a type of training that can be for all ages and physical levels. 

Prenatal and post pregnancy training in Toronto can be very personal. You want someone who can teach and train you in preparation for giving birth or who can show you ways to losing baby weight afterwards.


For those who prefer to train outside of your home, private training studios in Toronto offer the same kind of training as in-home, but in a studio. You can still have one-on-one training, but with all the appropriate equipment available to you.

Small group personal training in Toronto still gives you the one-on-one feel, but you can enjoy the experience with a close group of people. It is a great way to motivate a group of friends or family members and provide real results!

For those looking for a more intense, personal experience, look no further then Boot Camp training in Toronto. It is a serious push on your mind, body, and spirit, with programs that run for weeks at a time. But be warned, it is not for the weak!

Corporate fitness training in Toronto is exactly as it sounds! Many corporate businesses require their workers to sit in front of computers or desks all day. This is a great way to energize your employees as well as build communication and trust between them.  

Diet and Exercise


The last vital step required to complete your physical transformation is the proper food. But to know what to eat or how much can be difficult for some. That is why many personal trainers in Toronto offer nutritional planning and assessments. This gives you the knowledge you need to eat right for your specific body type. 

You can find personal trainers in Toronto in almost every city region. So what ever Toronto neighbourhood you are living in, you can find a personal training ready to help.

Totally Toronto has more information on connecting to a personal trainer in the city. Feel free to browse around and find the one that fits your needs.