Recreation in Toronto is a broad term, but essentially it stands for activities and programs based mainly on personal entertainment. Toronto has perfected the art of leisure and recreation — there are available programs, companies, and destinations designed for all ages in Toronto.

Toronto Recreation by Location

There are many different kinds of recreation in Toronto. Some of the best ways to figure out local recreation programs is to visit your local community centre. Community centres can be found within every Toronto neighbourhood

West end Toronto recreations are fun for the whole family. You can find out more on great programs and facilities in your west end neighbourhood. Same goes for the East end Toronto recreations — find great community programs for the whole family, as well as sports and recreation groups.

North end Toronto recreation include some great arts and sports programs. You can also find adult recreation and leisure in forms of Toronto Golf and Country Clubs. Downtown Toronto recreation has the most diverse amount of programs and facilities.


Types of Recreation

The main sections of recreation in Toronto can be divided into nine main categories;

* Arts

* Camps

* Fitness & Wellness

* General Interest programs

* Golf Course

* Skating

* Skiing

* Sports

* Swimming

Art recreation in Toronto is available for every age group. Locals and visitors can enjoy things such as dance lessons, music lesson, and visual arts classes. Check out local neighbourhood community centres and theatres for recreation programs near you.

Camps are a popular recreation in Toronto — especially for kids and teenagers. Children’s camps can be for everything from arts, music, sports, and other. There are day camps and away camps — for more information on camps near you, take a look through the link on Totally Toronto.

Fitness and wellness recreation in Toronto can be programs and course on yoga, cardio, Pilates, and other kinds of physical activities. All regions of Toronto have a recreation facility for fitness and wellness. 

General interest recreation programs in Toronto can be very broad but a great experience. It is perfect for those with a minor interest in a topic such as wine, cooking, painting or sculpturing. It simply touches the surface of the subject while allowing the individual to experience the fun. 

Golf courses in Toronto have become more and more popular over the years. Sometimes they are attached to a private Country Club, while other are a public golf course. There are many main Toronto golf courses such as Humber Valley and Dentonia Park.


Skating recreation in Toronto is almost a must for many local Canadians. Because this country sees some chilly winters, snow and ice are regular thing. Skating lessons and other skating programs are available through community centres, organizations, and even certain public schools.

But you can also find many skating recreation rinks all throughout the city. Places such as the Nathan Phillips Square and Mel Lastman Square have a great free outdoor skating rink. You can also find some of the best hot chocolate in vendors near the rink!

Skiing recreation in Toronto has become more popular. If you are planning to experience Toronto’s skiing industry, you will have to travel up into north Ontario. Blue Mountain and other great ski resorts are just an hour drive out of the city. Look for more information on the Blue Mountain website, www.thebluemountains.ca.

You can also get skiing lessons at this resorts and other Toronto recreation facilities. All Toronto skiing recreation do have fees attached to it.

Sport recreation in Toronto has always been one of the biggest forms of recreation in the city. This is a great one for kids and for adults. Find leagues, organizations, and recreation centres who have teams in hockey, tennis, soccer, and so much more.


Swimming recreation in Toronto is also almost as popular as the winter recreations! Swimming pools, lessons, and training is available for adults, teens, and children — and there are programs for many different swimming levels.

The thing to remember with recreation in Toronto is that sometime there is a program or admissions fee. It is wise to research the program of interest before applying. Many great Toronto recreation programs are low cost or free. You can find awesome recreation programs at places such as YMCA

Recreation in Toronto is a part of the locals lives. While the people of Toronto work hard, they also know the importance of self growth, fun, and leisure. 

Search through Totally Toronto for more information on local recreation programs near you.