Children’s camps in Toronto fall under many categories. Every child is different, and each child should get a chance to thrive where they shine. Some enjoy music while other children enjoy putting together a space ship. Luckily for them, Toronto has camps for all of that. 

You can find out information on all the camps for your child or youth through local Toronto neighbourhood community centres. You can also gather information on well known children’s camps through your kids school. 

The first thing you should look into is the age level of the camp. The younger the child, the shorter the camp duration. You can also find great camps for teenagers and young adults.

Most camps are co-ed, but some are designed for either males or females. If the children’s camp is overnight and co-ed, the company takes measures to ensure that there are proper designated bathrooms and sleeping areas. These are questions you can ask the company ahead of time.

Day camps in Toronto offer short bursts of adventure for your children. There are day children’s camps available at local attractions and major destinations. You can find awesome camps at places such as the Harbourfront Centre, Ontario Place, Ontario Science Centre, and through Toronto neighbourhood recreation centres. 

Types of Children’s Camps

Toronto day camps and Toronto overnight camps come in all different shapes and sizes! Some of the categories for children’s camps through the city are;

* Animal Camps 

* Arts, Dance, and Music Camps

* Educational Camps

* Fitness Camps

* Science Camps

* Seasonal Camps

* Sports Camps 

* Language Camps 

* Religious Camps

Animal themed children’s camps in Toronto are a great way to educate your child on the other living organisms that share our wonderful planet. For some of the better animal children’s camps, look into the Toronto Zoo. Find out more at their website, www.torontozoo.com.

Arts, dance, and music camps in Toronto are some of the most diverse and popular of all Toronto children’s camps. Many of these camps are typically overnight — sometimes stretching over a couple of weeks! It is a place for dancers, singers, actors, painters, and other creative minds to grow and collaborate with other kids their own age.

Educational children’s camps in Toronto are a fun experience for kids of all ages, while still being educational. You can often find well known day and overnight children’s camps with educational themes in places such as Ontario Science Centre and certain school organizations. The Ontario Science Centre provides more information on their camps, www.ontariosciencecentre.ca.

Fitness camps in Toronto are not just for children — you can find great day and overnight camps for adults, youth, and kids. But there are some great fitness camps specifically for children to help them stay active. These are not the same as sport camps!

Children’s science camps in Toronto are a place where great minds teach kids about the wonders of the scientific world. Come perform experiments, explore the universe, dive into the human mind, and make great friends — all at the same time!

Seasonal camps in Toronto simply mean that they only run during one particular season. You will typically see most outdoor camps and summer sport camps during the warmer seasons, while hockey and other colder activities happen in the winter.

Sport camps in Toronto are often quickly filled and provide a great place for your child to make friends. Toronto has sport camps for hockey, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis, running, volley ball, and more. The great thing is the camp sometimes creates a league during or afterwards — so your child might be able to play all year round!

Language camps in Toronto focus mainly on English as a Second Language (ESL). It is a great place for people of all cultures to learn Canada’s native language together. It helps strengthen their speech and introduces them to new people. You often only see day camps for Toronto language camps. 

Religious camps in Toronto can be both day camps and over night camps. They are available for all religions. You can find your local camps through religious organizations and community centres. 

Children’s camps in Toronto are available for every kind of child and activity. It is a place for the kids to grow and explore — and a great way to socialize. 

Totally Toronto has some great companies and links for your local children’s camp information.