Golf and Country Clubs in Toronto are for socializing, recreation and networking. These establishments have usually been around for quite a long time, and Golf and Country Clubs are beneficial to many different types of Toronto residents.

There are Toronto Golf and Country Clubs located all over the city. You can also find them in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) because of the larger open green spaces. Country Clubs are well known for their elite communities, experienced sport leagues, and lapse of luxuries.

There are a few golf and country clubs located within the heart of Toronto. Hidden between the large skyscrapers, one of Toronto’s oldest and most elite clubs can be found. 

Memberships for Toronto Golf and Country Clubs can be expensive and may require references from existing members. Entry fees differ depending on the kinds of membership and the club itself. You also need references from up to five current members, depending on the country club rules.

There are also many public Toronto country clubs located throughout the city. This is great for those who have interest in the sport leagues and general community within the club.

There are lots of different privileges and services that become available to members of public or private Toronto country clubs. Country clubs in Toronto provide entertainment, accommodations, venues, sport leagues, and other activities for all ages.


Accommodations in Toronto country clubs is only available to its members or family of members. But if the club is an international community, you can find a comfortable room at any of its affiliated facilities. 

Dining in Toronto Golf and Country Clubs can be for both the public and members, depending on the club and its dining room rules. Some place allow the public a few nights a week while others just allow members. You also need to be careful for dress codes — many established and older country clubs still implore the men to wear suits and jackets.

Venues and Meeting Spaces

Venues within Toronto country clubs are well known for their class and beauty. These clubs have some of the best conference and event facilities in Toronto — but it definitely comes for a price. You can enjoy the intimate settings and lavish cuisine for your event.

Some of the Country Club banquet halls and other event rooms are great for;

* Weddings

* Corporate events

* Social events 

Toronto weddings can take on a truly magical feel when held within one of Toronto’s Golf and Country clubs. There are different rooms and venues depending on the style and size of your wedding — take a look at our company listings for more information on country club wedding venues.

Corporate events in Toronto golf and country clubs are a great way to bring an elite feel to your companies get together. There are great packages and venues in Toronto for corporate events and some of the best ones are found in country clubs.

Social events in Toronto golf and country clubs include things such as birthdays, graduations, funerals, meetings, and more. A country club often has food and beverages available on location and a few great spaces to choose from depending on the size of your event.

Golf and Country Club Sports

Sports in Toronto country clubs are probably what they are most famous for hosting. There are leagues, tournaments, practice facilities, and organizations within many of the Toronto country clubs. The sports most often found within these facilities are;

* Golfing 

* Aquatics

* Badminton 

* Curling

* Fitness

* Lawn Bowling

* Skating

* Squash 

* Tennis

Golf and country clubs in Toronto go together like paper and glue. They are perfect for entertainment, activities, socializing, and networking! The rolling green hills of the golf course are known to bring people closer together.

Golf tournaments in Toronto are also held at local country clubs. Sponsorships are provided by country clubs in Toronto for all sports. These sponsorships can also be for teams of all ages.

Other clubs and activities are held at many Toronto country clubs. You can find great children’s programs and children’s camps held in or by your country club. Adult activities in country clubs are swimming, billiards, and other programs.

Country clubs in Toronto can be both private and public — but the ultimate feeling inside these establishments is class, sophistication, and connections to other members. 

It is a great community to be a part of — browse through Totally Toronto for more information on local Toronto country clubs.