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Accommodation in Toronto is plentiful. With over 183 hotels hosting more than 36,000 rooms in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the city of Toronto booked nearly 9 million room nights in 2004.

With business travelers occupying the majority of these rooms, tourists, commercial, sport, government and convention travelers make up the difference.

From luxury 5 star properties to GTA campsites and low cost accommodations, Toronto has something for all budgets.

5 Star Luxury Accommodations

Toronto recently welcomed its’ first 5 star property in the heart of Yorkville. Complete with valet parking, spa services, a boutique, and designer shopping at your fingertips. From just over $400 a night to well over $3000 there are many options for your indulgence.

There are at least three other five star properties currently under construction in Toronto. Some of these have residential real estate as part of the hotel accommodation. This has become a popular type of build as the property offers a base capital from the condo owners, and the condo owners enjoy hotel amenities with their management fees.

Of course just about all the large hotel chains are represented in this city. Starwood Properties, Hilton Hotels, Marriott, Fairmont, Delta and Radisson each have a variety of representation in the core and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Many of these chains have their corporate properties in the core downtown area of the city while their more affordable brands find themselves in appropriate areas throughout the city.The rates vary depending on the part of the city and the rank of hotel within their chains.

Such accommodations often house convention facilities in order to accommodate conferences, trade shows, association meetings and sports teams.

Other hotel amenities may include pools, saunas, hot tubs, fitness facilities and a games room. Restaurants are also commonly found in the hotel/motel and may feature room service.

For the most part, and at the time of writing this article, the room rates are in the range of $79 to $189. Many of these have long-term stay options and boast rooms with kitchens and adjoining bedrooms.

Many dedicated long-term properties also offer a home-like feeling with a grand room and breakfast service included. Some also include dinner service within a certain time frame.

Many of these properties targeting the business traveler may also offer discounts and specials for children and family specials. Often in a corporate neighbourhood the hotels find the weekends fairly sparse in occupancy and market to fill that gap. Most business travelers arrive on Monday and check out on Fridays, returning to their families for the weekends.

Biz-Stay is another option for those seeking longer-term accommodations. These are furnished studios or apartments that are rented completely furnished for the cost of approximately $2,500 per month.

Motels and other budget lodging bring us to the lower end of such accommodations. Many of these rent by the hour and have next to zero when it comes to amenities.

Motels and such lodges were originally built along the highways for travelers, truckers and others on a long haul to be able to stop for rest and nourishment. As the cities grew these properties became more remote and obsolete. Often the cities developed along sections of the highway and bigger more upscale properties were built to accommodate the needs of the growing community.

Most of the motels are found along the trans-Canada highways as well as in lower income neighbourhoods. Corporate properties seem to be in the downtown core as well as the luxury brands. Industrial/commercial districts will support some of the long-term and mid-range properties, while bed and breakfasts are often in commercialized neighbourhoods.

Bed and Breakfasts
round off the types of accommodations offered in Toronto and the GTA. These properties offer a homey feeling, with breakfast served and a house style of accommodation. There are of course zoning requirements to be aware of before opening a B&B just anywhere.

are a backpacker’s paradise. With a price range starting about $20 per night these are affordable for just about any pocket.

Several campgrounds and trailer parks are located just outside the city. At approximately $10 per night this is a really inexpensive option. Although there are none in the downtown core – certainly a tent or an RV will require more space than downtown is able to offer as space is at a premium in the downtown core.

With a large tourist component and an even larger business sector the industry remains busy and an integral part of the Toronto economy. As one can see Toronto is a city with much to offer in accommodation.

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