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Toronto has become known as one of the world’s most diverse cities. As the city border widened over the years, Toronto’s culture has become one of a kind. You can travel the world in one day on the streets of Toronto. Toronto has pushed the boundaries on multiculturalism and diversity, and opened many doors on unity and respect for one another.

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Toronto has become one of Canada’s hottest cities for tourism and holidays. With its diverse city areas such as Greek Town, Little Italy, Chinatown and Little India, Toronto offers visitors a wide range of authentic cuisine, shops and music.

Toronto is a mixture of old and new architecture and gives the city a unique flavour.

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The Toronto city guide has been designed to help you find what you are looking for in the city. Including travel tips and deals for your visit on downtown Toronto hotels.

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With a notable transit system, it makes traveling around Toronto simple for everyone, tourists and locals alike.Looking for the best place to buy a home in Toronto? Visit and learn all about the Toronto real estate market.

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Traveling through Toronto, one will find the inhabitants friendly and the streets clean.

Torontonians are proud of whom they are and that is displayed brightly at night on the Toronto CN Tower – the city’s famous freestanding landmark! The wonderful red and white colours of the Canadian flag are visible on the skyscraper every night, all year long.

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About Toronto

Toronto is sloped downwards toward Lake Ontario and stretches far across. The unique culture of Toronto is only part of its charm. With its mismatched architectural styles, there is a colourful flare to each street and each city area.

Toronto is divided into many different regions and also has expanded outward to include what is now called the Greater Toronto Area. In some of these regions, a specific culture has grown within and made it something new. Areas such as Greektown, Chinatown and Little Portugal have become city landmarks.

Toronto Island

The Toronto Island is a beautiful place, with a culture all its own. The bicycle and hiking trails just scratch

the surface of what Toronto Island has to offer. Its classy architecture and friendly locals made this place an important and deeply loved part of Toronto. There are many cruises and boats that traveling in and around the Toronto Islands.Toronto Real Estate

Toronto has some of the best preserved Victorian style homes and buildings scattered throughout the city. There is also historical castles and forts such as Fort York and Casa Loma (also famous for being used in a lot of blockbuster films such as X-men).


Toronto has also started doing its part to give back to the environment, with many charities and organizations that help create and maintain sustainability. There is also a serious recycling system; you can even find recycling bins in ever subway station and at every bus stop.

Toronto Business

Toronto takes the environment seriously and also takes its business sector seriously as well. The business sector of the city has grown and expanded, putting Toronto on the map for the business world.

Toronto has become one of the most popular cities to live and work in. Although living expense has gone up over the years, the demand for Toronto schools, accommodation and jobs has only gone upwards.

Toronto prides itself on being one of the safest, friendliest and respectable communities in North America.

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